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oil-free hydraulic industrial compactor

Electromechanical compactors are ideal for medical, food and other processing environments that are looking to avoid the contamination risk and other safety hazards posed by hydraulically operated compactors.

Electromechanical Industrial Compactor


Electromechanical Industrial Compactor Systems Provide Hydraulic Oil-Free Operation
  • Industrial Compactor SystemsEM Series electromechanical industrial compactors utilize powerful electric motor driven rams in place of hydraulic cylinders
  • Electromechanical industrial compactors are designed for medical and food waste environments, other typical installations include industrial manufacturing plants, institutional facilities, high volume retail outlets and warehouses that are looking to avoid the contamination and other hazardous risk factors that hydraulic fluids introduce
  • Hydraulic fluid free operation simplifies system complexity (no pumps, no hoses, no check valves, no potential leaks)
  • Electromechanical industrial compactors save workspace, provide easier, safer, cleaner operation, and offer an environmentally-improved approach to compacting
  • Recommended for installations requiring one pull per day or more
  • Electromechanical industrial compactors are available to handle 2, 3, 4 or 6 cu.yds.

Choose the right electromechanical industrial compactor system for your application:

Contact SP Industries to discuss the right electromechanical compactor and combination of options for your application.

Clear Top
L x W (in)
Max (lbs)
2 46 x 58 100,000 108 EM-2101
3 59 x 58 100,000 121 EM-3101-HD
4 75 x 60 100,000 163 EM-4101-HD
6 96 x 56 100,000 210 EM-6101-HD

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Compactor Design Guide
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