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Compactor Design Guide

Compactor Types & Functions

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Structural Features

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Industrial Compactor Design Guide

All compactors on the market may serve the same function and look similar, but an SP Compactor is superior in ways that you can't readily see unless you scrutinize the design, the construction and the component quality.

This design guide will help you:

  • Review critical compactor design, construction and component functions to assist with your compactor evaluation and selection, and;
  • Determine the best combination of standard and optional features to match your specific application design needs and your performance and budget requirements.

SP Industries designs and manufactures a comprehensive standard line of industrial and commercial grade compactors, precrushers, transfer station equipment and cart dumpers to meet small to large capacity operations. Every unit is tailored to the specific application with a wide variety of user-selected standard and optional design features detailed in this design guide. (Examples of CP-4002 4 cu.yd configurations shown clockwise from top left: fully enclosed compactor; extended snout for deeper container penetration; standard side load, ground load application; compactor stand with rear clean out.

Industrial Compactor Overview