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Download our metal recycling guide that provides complete information on SP Industries compactors, precrushers and cart dumper products used for specialized metal recycling operations. Complete product specs, features and installation information is covered.


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center compactor system
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Compactor Systems for Effective Processing of Scrap Metal Turnings

Metal Chip Recycling

Case study on a metal turnings process incorporating a cutting fluids recovery system to increase value of scrap and reclaim cutting fluid for reuse.

SP Industries builds specialty equipment to meet very specialized requirements for the metal turnings processing. We offer a system that separates the cutting fluids from the metal chips and then packs the chips into a container to achieve the optimal weights for hauling each and every time. This system includes a filtering option for the fluid that allows the fluid to be reused for production. This provides the end user with a system that helps them achieve the "green" status which is becoming increasingly important for their industry.

Structural and mechanical SP options that are beneficial for metal turning systems include: combinations of ram wipers and bar grates to prevent small metal chips from getting behind the ram and causing damage. Other options such as pinning tunnels, closure doors, and opening positions can also help contain solid and liquid items to improve load sizes and weights. Specialty electrical options beneficial for these installations include a high capacity power unit, advanced warning lights and buzzers, oil coolers, oil heaters, and much more.

Choose the right industrial compactor for your metal turnings application:

Contact SP Industries to discuss the right electromechanical compactor and combination of options for your application.

Clear Top
L x W (in)
Max (lbs)
2 45 x 58 113,100 122 CP-2202
3 52 x 58 113,100 140 CP-3002
153,930 100 CP-3002-D
4 70 x 58 113,100 174 CP-4002
153,930 123 CP-4002-D
6 96 x 58 113,100 257 CP-6002
153,930 180 CP-6002-D
7 96 x 78 113,100 342 CP-7002
153,930 240 CP-7002-D


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Compactor Design Guide
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