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Single Cylinder Precrushers Designed for Industrial Operations

SP Industries Hevy Duty Dual Cylinder Precrushers are the ultimate compacting machine with crushing/compacting capacities upwards of 300 cu.yds/hour and compaction forces well over 160,000 lbs. But, many manufacturing and processing facilities don't need this volume and overwhelming force to handle the refuse and reclaim materials they are processing in their end-stream operations.

To address this need, the new Single Cylinder Precrusher Series has been developed. This new precrusher series features the exact same footprint and processing controls as the company's max-duty heavy industrial models. Otherwise, they are a more economical single-cylinder design tailored specifically for lighter duty cycle rates and compaction force operations for lower volume industrial and smaller transfer station applications.

Clear Top
L x W (in)
Max (lbs)
3 48 x 57 80,800 135 PC-3001
4 64 x 57 80,800 159 PC-4001
6 88 x 57 80,800 179 PC-6001

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