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Precrushers for Wet Material

SP Industries Dewatering Precrusher is a unique system that compacts waste and allows excess liquids to drain off, reducing the overall weight of the waste, and re-purposing the extracted fluid.

These machines are successful in compacting food, oils, paper, cloth, and many other materials. With a dewatering precrusher system, hauling and landfill charges are reduced in one easy step. Additional benefits include reduced odor, and containment, treatment, or recycling of fluids separated from the compacted waste (see Oil oil recovery precrusherRecovery Precrusher Application Story).

Powerful and fast, these systems boast maximum pressures up to 161,900 pounds of force and cycle times as short as 53 seconds. Controls that allow the user to program up to 8 dewatering cycles per operation help you get the most value from your system. The standard models range in size from 3 cubic yards up to 9 cubic yards, but we also create custom machines to meet specific requirements.

Clear Top
L x W (in)
Max (lbs)
3 48 x 57 118,800 154 PC-3000-DW
161,600 117 PC-3000-D-DW
3.5 89.5 x 44 164,900 125 PC-350-DW
4 75 x 60 118,800 169 PC-4000-DW
161,600 131 PC-4000-D-DW
6 89.5 x 57 118,800 188 PC-6000-DW
161,600 143 PC-6000-D-DW
7 89.5 x 77 118,800 248 PC-7000-DW
161,600 191 PC-7000-D-DW
9 124 x 77 161,900 292 PC-9000-DW

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