Food Waste Compactors

Compactor Systems for Food Waste Processing

SP Industries offers specialized compactors and waste handling equipment optimized for food waste processing.

Our specialty compactors for wet waste, dough, and recycled products can help you increase your throughput and reduce your expenses.

Our food waste compactors are specifically designed to handle difficult products like dough, rejected products, and processing byproduct. Used in preparation, reclamation, and waste applications, these systems can be built out of stainless steel and made to meet USDA requirements. All of our products meet ANSI and OSHA Specifications for Safety and are built to last longer than our competition.

“We have found the SP Industries WET Pack compactors to be an outstanding fit for food manufacturing facilities with wet waste. Under normal conditions where a Self Contained unit works well but may be a longer distance from a disposal facility, the WET Pack compactors give our customers those extra 6 or 8 yards of compacted material.

The sump in these machines is another factor, giving us control over large amounts of liquid that usually cause a mess and might attract vermin at food processing facilities. The gasketed door contains these liquids and we can make sure that the load doesn’t leak.

These machines are built well. We have SP compactors that move 5-7 loads per week and, with a good PM program, have been running for 5 years without a problem.“

— Dieter Scheel, Business Development Manager, WMSS/Sustainable Waste Solutions

Let us help you design a system that not only meets your need for waste and recycling, but also helps improve the flow of your plant. For example, our cart dumpers, enclosures, and other value added items can also save thousands of dollars in operational related expenses.

Choose the right industrial compactor for your food waste processing application:

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