Trailer Restraint System

SP Industries realizes the need for better and stronger ways to keep a trailer in place while loading, especially when using our high density equipment. It is with that need in mind that we created the Dolly-Lok Trailer Restraint System. Not only does this system hold a trailer in the most difficult situations, but it also provides guidance to the trailer to ensure that your trailers are placed the same way each and every time. Utilizing large diameter tube steel, this system provide a high level of durability that is unmatched in the industry.

Often used in transfer stations or in conjunction with our Tractor Trailer Loaders, this system is proven to hold trailers in place while packing a load. This means that you can spot a trailer with confidence. No more will you have a need to leave a truck attached to the trailer in the dock to ensure that the trailer does not move. Getting the most out of your equipment is how SP Industries helps you to be more “green” and improve efficiencies throughout your plant. Call us today to learn more about how the Dolly-Lok system can help you to solve your waste and recycling problems and reduce your overall cost of waste and recycling handling.

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Trailer Restraint System