Tractor Trailer Loader

The latest addition to the SP Industries product line is the Tractor Trailer Loading System. This system utilizes the concept of compaction to load an over the road semi trailer with up to 40,000 pounds of scrap newsprint, commercial print scrap, packaging scraps, labels and other readily recyclable materials. Less labor is needed to load these materials into the truck because secondary handling with balers is eliminated. At the processor’s site, the trailer can be tipped and the paper or other material introduced directly to the process without having bail wires removed or the need for “fluffing”.

SP Industries’ Tractor Trailer Loader has been successfully integrated at several facilities across the United States. Editor & Publisher magazine has featured the unit on two occasions and continues to follow the success stories from this innovative new approach to handling recycle stream newsprint. This machine brings quality, longevity, and innovation together. Call us today or follow the links on this page to learn more about this equipment.

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Tractor Trailer Loader