Industrial Compactors

Industrial compactor systems are tailored to application requirements with user-selected design and performance features

Our industrial compactors come in a variety of sizes and force ratings to meet your throughput requirements. All models are available with an extensive choice of enclosures, loading configurations, and control features that tailor the machine to specific application performance and budgetary needs.

Industrial compactors are ideal for facilities with around the clock production, commercial businesses that need more power and force, and military or municipal transfer stations. Available with 2 to 13 cu.yd. capacity, these systems can handle up to 742 cubic yards per hour.

Industrial compactors are designed to provide service 24/7 with the power to handle the largest loads. SP Industrial compactors are built tough and built better — with thicker steel plates, more supports, and the best components. Typical life of these machines is 10 to 20 years.

Choose the best industrial compactor for your application:

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