• Hydraulic Dumpers

Hydraulic Dumpers

SP Industries helps move waste and recycling material through and out of all forms of production facilities with a diverse line of cart lift and dumper products that can reach up to 30 ft and handle load capacities to 8000 lbs.

We offer comprehensive fabrication services to fit all cart tipper products to your specific material handling equipment, facility requirements including integration with our extensive lines of stationary, self-contained and pre-crusher compactors.

Our cart tippers and lifts offer piece of mind by reducing back injuries, improving production, eliminating bottlenecks, and keeping facilities looking great. A properly designed system will almost always save money — day after day, year after year.

All dumpers are built to customer container dimensional specs and handling requirements. We can help determine your needs and present you with a system that will dump loads up to 8,000 lbs with dump heights up to 30 feet.

Additional options available with dumpers include:

  • PLC controls
  • Hydraulic lock systems for carts
  • Thermo oil heater
  • Side entry scoop
  • Dumper enclosures
  • Customized designs — give us a call…

…or talk with a sales engineer