Extended Height Bin Dumpers

EHD (Extend Height Dumper) Bin Dumpers are designed to move loads upwards to 30’. These unique bin dumpers provide solutions to industries and business that have different operation levels or need more “fall” for the load in question. Each machine is custom designed to insure stability under extreme conditions. Reliable, safe, and easy to use, these machines add value and reduce labor among other cost savings.

EHD are the ideal method to elevate work or scrap material to an extended height and empty the material into production, recycling or waste handling equipment:

Bin Dumpers are used to move material:

  • Onto a conveyor
  • Into a container or trailer
  • Directly into production or processing equipment

Bin Dumper Design Features

  • Scoop design fits existing/required cart attachment method
  • Customized for carts, containers, gaylords, boxes, baskets, totes, barrels, drums or special containers
  • Readily equipped with a hold down bar, side hold down angles, bottom or side forks, or an adjustable hold down bar
  • Single cylinder design for light or heavy capacity
  • Structural steel frame for stability and durability — heavy capacity models only
  • High tensile steel pivot shaft
  • Heavy duty bearings


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Extended Height Bin Dumpers