Box Dumpers

ROLO Box Dumpers dump up to 84″ and provide a strong and consistent performance day after day and year after year. With a dump angle of 135 degrees, this box dumper is great for carts, bins, and cans. Custom fabrication to fit your cart is standard on these box dumpers. Additional options include: PLC controls, hydraulic lock systems for carts, thermo oil heater, side entry scoop, and dumper enclosures.

Rolo dumpers are the ideal method to empty material from a container into production, recycling or waste handling equipment:

Used to move material:

  • Onto a conveyor
  • Into smaller containers
  • Onto a sorting tray or table
  • Directly into production or processing equipment

Design Features:

  • Scoop design fits existing/required cart attachment method
  • Customized for carts, containers, gaylords, boxes, baskets, totes, barrels, drums or special containers
  • Readily equipped with a hold down bar, side hold down angles, bottom or side forks, or an adjustable hold down bar
  • Dual cylinders provide stability and greater lifting capacity
  • Structural steel frame for stability and durability
  • High tensile steel pivot shaft
  • Heavy duty bearings

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