Metal Chip Compactors

Compactor Systems for Effective Processing of High Value Metal Chip and Clip

Metal clip and scrap collection takes on many forms. From small clips to large pieces of production metal or bad product runs, this type of metal is highly sought after by recyclers because it is typically a clean source of material that can easily be introduced into the smelting process. Collecting this type of product is problematic due to the size and weights of the materials. Typical collection methods of roll off containers cause light loads, contaminated products, and inaccurate weights due to the exposure to environmental elements.

SP Industries can help by providing you with an analysis of your situation and a recommendation for a compactor or precrusher that will help you obtain the maximum size and weight loads each and every time. Learn more about our systems that are designed with options that you need to insure the longevity of your equipment and provide smooth production throughput. Call and speak to one of our experts and we will share with you the knowledge that comes with over 25 years of service to industries like yours.

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2 cu yd Industrial Compactor