Scrap Metal Compactors

Compactor Systems for Scrap Metal Processing, Recycling and Fluid Recovery

Scrap metals come in many shapes and sizes. From large white goods to metal chips and clips from production processes, SP Industries has a system to help you quickly recover these metals and cost effectively get your scrap back to the processors.

Often times, especially in production, metal turnings and chips are covered in fluids used in processing. These fluids are a problem for the processor but not for SP Industries.

Metal turnings and other metal products are often difficult for some equipment to handle due their small size and odd shapes create large air spaces that reduce load weights and make processing less efficient.

The experience of the SP Industries team can help save you time, money, and best of all, frustration in finding the system that efficiently addresses your metal recycling issues.

Choose the right industrial compactor for your scrap metal processing application:

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