• Specialized Scrap Metal Compactor Maximizes Processing Efficiency & Cutting/Coolant Fluids & Oils Reclamation

Specialized Scrap Metal Compactor Maximizes Processing Efficiency & Cutting/Coolant Fluids & Oils Reclamation

HOPKINS, MI – SP Industries introduces the CP-2202-CHIP Heavy Duty Industrial Compactor for metal chip and turnings compaction. This turnkey system is ideal for large-scale machine shops and manufacturers that generate significant volumes of scrap metal turnings, chips or industrial waste. The dual cylinder design produces 85,000 lbs. of force to create a 4:1 compaction ratio on scrap mild steel turnings, effectively reducing the volume of four full 40 cubic yard containers into one. Depending on the type of scrap metal being processed, each load can be filled to the legal payload limit for maximum transportation cost-efficiency.

The CP-2202-CHIP is unique in the industry for its ability to efficiently reclaim cutting fluids, coolants, and oils from the scrap turnings and chip materials. The fluid collection system effectively removes fluid from both the compaction chamber and the compaction container and pumps it to a single, sealed collection tank where it is then pumped into the customer’s recycling system or holding tank. Businesses that process scrap metal turnings with the CP-2202-CHIP benefit from significant cash savings by recycling these fluids.

The CP-2202-CHIP system, like all SP Industries compactors, is tailored to the specific environmental and installation requirements of the application, including appropriate loading platform, hopper, gate, chutes, access panels, etc. The accompanying waste material container is also fabricated to accommodate the desired means of transport, weight of compacted materials and any other customer requirements.


SP Industries was established as a manufacturing facility in 1957, initially operating as Quality Steel Fabrication. As the name implies, the company specialized in custom fabrication, working with such companies as Caterpillar Tractor, GMC, Excello Corp. and Lockheed Manufacturing, among many others. The company also built compactor rams and frames for Spartan Waste-Pac, the original designer, patentee and manufacturer of refuse reduction equipment. After several changes in ownership, the key long-term employees created a new company, SP Industries Inc., that has maintained its position as the leading waste handling equipment manufacturer in the world. The company specializes in waste handling compaction and dumper systems tailored to the specific requirements of diverse industral and commercial applications.