Model# CP-711

3/4 cu. yd. Commercial Trash Compactor

3/4 cu yd Commercial Compactor

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  • Spill lip on container means no waste falling on the ground with the container is separated for dumping.
  • Powerful and reliable 5 HP motor provides up to 19,200 lbs of crushing force to give you up to 3 to 1 waste reduction.
  • Your choice of front or rear load containers makes it so you don’t have to change haulers unless you want to.
  • Automatic Container Locking System and Lid Latch System make sure your waste stays in the can where it belongs and reduces unwanted pests.
  • Key Lock On/Off switch insures that only those with permission are allowed to dump waste.
  • Removable access panels make maintenance and service easier and less costly.

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Engineers Guide to Selecting Industrial Compactors and Pre-Crushers

  • Functional comparisons
  • Construction designs
  • Sizing and selection
  • Structural, control & power unit design features
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